Penomet Reviews – A Scam or a real deal?

penomet_reviewsHave you ever wondered to boost your confidence by increasing your sexual capabalities.

If so, Penomet may be the right choice for you. Penomet is a penis pump which uses a water pressure to extend the penis in girth and length.

The manufacturer has reported that the length can be increased up to 3 inches while the thickness up to 30%. Is Penomet effective? Well, continue reading this Penomet review and you soon will know the most important truth.

The penis pump market is very saturated. Various products are being marketed and labeled as game changing. But truth is, only a few are safe to use and as case studies have shown effective. In fact, in the last 2 years many customers have left bad feedback for varios so called brands because they used an old and not that effective technique.

Most penis pumps work by using air vacuum. It’s basically a tube where your penis is inserted. Unfortunately, these kinds of penis air pumps have been proven to be very uncomfortable and even unsafe. Imagine putting your friend into a tube withotu any lubrication when it touches the plastic side and is being pulled by sheer vacuum.
However, Penomet uses a water system which lubricates all the process and creates an even 360⁰ even pressure. The process is unpainful and even satisfying.

The strength of Penomet pump itself is controlled by using the gaiter system. Basically gaiters are a small ending of the pump itself made of silicon. These gaitars can be switched and they provide different vacuum resistance – from 60 to 80 in scale. Of course, you should start by using the purple gaiter with lowest resistance(60).

Penomet Money Back Guarantee

penomet money back guaranteeThe manufacturer is so sure about the products quality and effectiveness that it provides 60 day money back guarantee. If you for some reason find that the product doesn’t provide with the results you were waiting for, simply contact the manufacturer and it will refund all your money you paid for Penomet. However, as we have found out, there is only a small percentage of users who have asked for any refunds because the product really works.

Penomet Effectiveness and Results

We have reviewed several other penis pumps and we were surpised by the good feedback we found about Penomet. Most of the people were very satisfied and only a small percentage(about 5%) were not. These 5 peple reported that they were expecting faster results.

However, Penoemt is not a magical device. It really provides an increase of up to 3 inches, but it takes time. Yes, you will notice the results even after 15 minutes of use but for permanent results you need to use Penomet daily for several weeks.